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Chatuss makes it simple to meet people in your area that are your age! You may meet thousands of users from your nation by chatting with them in any of the free video, text, or audio chat rooms available on Some people enjoy conversing online, while others meet up with friends in person as a result. Numerous activities planned by the chat's users, who enjoy many enjoyable times of delight and camaraderie together. The free mobile chat is clearly compatible with mobile and tablet devices, so you can easily bring your phone! . Join the big community of right away and start chatting in our free, no-registration chat room without further wait.

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More than ten million people are currently using chatuss to find others exactly like you. Whether you want to connect with someone after a hard day at work, escape the stress of everyday life, or just chat and have fun, chatuss video chat has it all. Meeting new individuals has never been simpler. Initially, switch on your camera and push Connect with individuals as soon as possible.



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We are pleased to announce the availability of the Android chatuss app, the perfect complement to our web-based chat service. You can now make new acquaintances and meet new people wherever you go. The software may be downloaded for free and is designed to occupy the least amount of space possible on your device.
We developed the app to deliver all the wonderful features available on our web-based platform. Take advantage of chatuss' lightning-fast connections, the ability to filter users based on language and location, and other features that have made it one of the most used online video chat services. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Apple Store application.

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We at chatuss work hard to make the process of meeting new people as simple as possible. For lightning-fast connections and broadcasts of the greatest caliber, our platform for random video chat uses the fastest servers. After less than a second of waiting for a connection, you can turn on sound, use a microphone, or use our built-in text chat to type while still viewing the other person's camera.

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